You may think that regular vacuuming is enough to keep your carpets looking their best.

You’re right that things like vacuuming consistently and regularly cleaning your filter are very important. But if you want to protect your investment and the air quality of your home, you’re going to need to call the pros at least periodically.

Beyond a nicer look, professional carpet cleaning can provide:

  • A healthier environment with no allergens
  • No embedded debris or bacteria
  • No stains
  • A brand new carpet appearance
  • Extended durability

But as with all cleaning services, there’s so-so and then there’s Flacare. We don’t cut corners. We’re committed to using the very best products and techniques to deliver unmatched results.

Experience the Flacare difference. Whether it’s whole-home residential, carpets only, deep cleaning a commercial space or even helping with organization, our team of professionals can help you transform and then maintain your most important spaces.

Hot-Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning: The Better Way

Flacare Services uses a hot-water extraction carpet cleaning method because it’s the best way to deep clean carpets and make them look like new again.

Rather than steam cleaning, whereby water is heated into steam that’s then applied to the carpet, with hot-water extraction, hot water is pumped through the carpet fibers so that dirt is much more effectively removed.

Because the hot-water machines remove much of the water during the cleaning process, the carpet will dry much faster than it would with steam cleaning. Also, hot-water extraction is generally more effective at removing stains and deep dirt than steam cleaning.

The Flacare process includes a thorough pre-cleaning intended to remove any loose debris and break up soil and other contaminants. Your carpet will be brushed and agitated to lift the carpet fibers and agitate them with proper equipment. Our machine will then rinse the carpet with 200 degrees hot water mixed with a specialty carpet solution that will balance the PH of the carpet and condition the fibers for longevity. Finally, extractors will immediately remove all the water.

How Often Should You Call the Professional Carpet Cleaners at Flacare?

A good schedule to stick to is to have your carpets deep cleaned with hot-water extraction once per year. Pollen, dirt, moisture and dust wll build up in the fibers of even well-maintained carpet, so an annual cleaning is important to preserve the air quality in your home or business space. 

Your carpet is the biggest air filter. Dust and allergens can get trapped in the carpet fibers, find their way into the air and cause respiratory problems.

You should vacuum at least once per week to remove and limit dirt and other contaminants.

If you have pets, vacuuming should be done more frequently, and you may want to consider professional cleaning once every six months.

Flacare can help you maintain a schedule that works for your needs, lifestyle and budget. Let us wow you with our effective hot-water extraction carpet-cleaning method. Your home or business will look, smell and feel fresher, and your carpets will last longer. Contact us to get a quote.